Synchronous belt drive and chain drive compared to what advantages

Many consumers feel that there is no difference between synchronous belt and chain drive, but this is a wrong view, synchronous belt and chain drive is a fundamental difference. And the synchronous belt has incomparable advantages of chain drive, then the synchronous belt drive and chain drive compared with what advantages?

In order to understand the advantages of synchronous belt drive and chain drive, first of all to understand both, synchronous belt drive is generally driven by the drive wheel, drive wheel and tightly set on the two wheels of the belt drive. Rotational motion and power are transmitted between the spindle and the driven shaft by the friction of the intermediate flexible parts. The belt is made of tensile strength steel wire and coated with polyurethane or rubber. Chain drive consists of sprocket and ring chain. The meshing between the chain and sprocket teeth is the same direction transmission between parallel axes. Compared with the belt drive, chain drive without elastic sliding and sliding, to keep accurate average velocity ratio, the tension is small, effect on the axial pressure is small, can reduce the bearing friction loss, compact structure and can work under high temperature, compared with the drive gear, low precision manufacturing and installation, large transmission center distance of simple structure.

The synchronous belt drive consists of a closed annular belt and a belt pulley with corresponding teeth. The annular belt has equally spaced teeth on its inner circumferential surface. During operation, the convex teeth of the belt engage with the grooves of the belt pulley to transfer motion and power. Compared with other drives, synchronous belt drives have the following advantages. No skid when working, accurate transmission ratio. Synchronous belt drive is a kind of meshing drive. Although the synchronous belt is an elastic body, the load-bearing rope under the action of tension has the characteristics of no elongation, so it can keep the belt pitch unchanged, the belt can be correctly engaged with the gear groove, to achieve no slip synchronous transmission, to obtain accurate transmission ratio.

Post time: Jul-01-2022