Why do belt conveyors need tensioning devices?

The conveyor belt is a viscoelastic body, which will creep during the normal operation of the belt conveyor, making it longer and slack. In the process of starting and braking, there will be additional dynamic tension, so that the conveyor belt elastic stretch, resulting in the conveyor skidding, can not work normally, affecting the measurement results of the electronic belt scale installed on the conveyor.

The tensioning device is the belt adjusting device of belt conveyor, which is an important part of belt conveyor. Its performance directly affects the running state of the whole belt conveyor. The belt conveyor is driven by the friction between the belt and the driving drum. With the tension device, the friction between the belt and the driving drum can always be in the best state. If it is loose, the belt will run back and forth, or the roller will slip and the belt will not start. If it is too tight, the belt will overstretch and shorten its service life.

The role of belt conveyor tensioning device.

(1) Make the conveyor belt have enough tension on the active roller, and generate enough friction between the conveyor belt and the active roller to prevent the conveyor belt from slipping.

(2) The tension of each point of the conveyor belt shall not be lower than the minimum value, which can effectively prevent the material spreading and operation resistance increase caused by excessive suspension of the conveyor belt.

(3) The length change caused by elastic elongation in the plastic elongation of conveyor belt can be compensated. When a belt conveyor has a problem with its joints, it needs to be reconnected and redone, which can be solved by loosening the tensioning device and using a portion of the extra allowance.

(4) Provide the necessary travel for the conveyor belt joint, and loosen the conveyor belt when dealing with conveyor failure.

(5) In the case of instability, tension device will adjust the tension. Unstable state refers to the state of start, stop and load weight change. When starting, the traction required by the belt is relatively large, and the tensioning device makes the separation place produce a larger tension, so as to obtain the required traction; When stopping, the traction force is small, and the tension device needs to be adjusted to prevent the failure of the belt conveyor; When the load weight changes, it will lead to a sudden change in tension, need to adjust the tension device in time, so that the tension gets a new balance.

Post time: Jul-01-2022